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Audi A8 Replacement Air Filters, Aftermarket Performance Intake Filters, Drop In Air Filters

A Drop In Replacement Air filter for your Audi A8 is the best option you have for replacing your stock air filter. Whether it be for performance needs or pure economic reasons, replacing your stock Audi A8 with an aftermarket K&N filter is hands down the smartest thing to do.

Your Audi A8's engine needs air. In order for the fuel in your car to combust properly and keep your motor running, the optimal amount of good clean air is necessary. Too little air and combustion can not occur, leaving your A8 unable to perform. On the other hand, unrestricted air, full of particles and debris is also dangerous, and can block and damage vital engine orifices. Thus, a good air filter is needed to both keep out dirt and let the right amount of air flow into the engine.

Our line of Audi A8 Replacement Air filters carry thru 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 or 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 models.

04-12 A8 Replacement Air Filter


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Audi A8 K&N Replacement Air Filter FAQ

What's the problem with OEM air filters?

Audi, in choosing your stock air filter, chose a paper filter design. While paper does an adequate job of filtration, it's rigid solid nature renders it susceptible to clogging relatively quickly. While replacing it with another paper Audi air filter may be cheap, paper filters have to be replaced very often. K&N cotton drop in filters on the other hand are washable and reusable. If you were to JUST use OEM paper air filters, then over the life of your A8 you would actually end up spending more than if you bought just one washable K&N filter and the appropriate amount of K&N cleaning kits.

Why are K&N Replacement Air Filters the best filter for my Audi A8?

It's all about the design. K&N aftermarket replacement air filters use a cotton filtration medium instead of the stock A8 paper air filter. Cotton by nature is more fibrous than paper. That means instead of catching particles on the surface of the filter like paper does, it can also catch dust and other debris on the fibers before they even reach the surface of the filter. This process is helped by the fact that K&N uses a specially formulated oil on their cotton to catch and hold debris. As the fibers get dirtier, they actually help filter air even more since their surface area gets bigger, leading to better filtration overall.

Why should I trust K&N to decide what's best for my A8?

K&N is the most well known motorsport aftermarket air filter manufacturer in the world. Whether it be stock car racing, go cart racing, or even watercraft racing, every racer knows and respects K&N. The founders of K&N were motorsport enthusiasts as well. K&N first developed their oiled cotton filters in the harsh and competitive world of desert motocross racing. By experimenting with new media, they were able to come up with their design which helped them to win race after race in the hot and dusty desert environment. If K&N's filter can reign supreme in the unforgiving world of desert dirt bikes, then you can be sure a K&N replacement air filter will work wonders in your Audi A8 as well.

Are K&N A8 replacement Filters street legal?

Yes! In addition to being a minimally intrusive upgrade (especially when compared to installing more involved products like cold air intakes) K&N specifically designs their A8 drop in filters to be 50 state emissions compliant, meaning it is completely street legal in the entire United States. You can drive in peace knowing your Audi A8 will not only perform better, but still be legal as well.

How much power can I expect to gain in my Audi A8 with a K&N Drop-In Filter?

It is not guaranteed, since there are a variety of factors that can influence the amount of power you could gain with an air filter, but generally speaking, you can expect a gain of 1-4 horsepower.

Another filter company claims that their filter has filtration levels in the 99th percentile. Does that mean that their filter is better than K&N?

No! Filtration level is not the end-all deciding feature for filters. There are many features that are important in choosing the right filter for your A8. Filtration efficiency is just one of them. There is also air flow while getting dirty, the amount of dirt the filter can hold, and the overall effective longevity of the filter. Basically, what's important is getting the RIGHT amount of clean air into your engine (more air than necessary will not make your car go faster), and how long that filter could do that efficiently. Higher filtration at the expense of air flow is counterproductive, just as higher airflow without filtration is also bad. K&N makes sure to balance all these factors in order to create the best possible filter for your Audi A8.

Will a K&N replacement air filter damage my A8's mass air sensor?

No! There was a company that used to purchase filters from K&N for use with their cold air intakes. Later, they tried to cut out K&N filters and use their own filters instead. It was then that the unfounded rumor began that K&N Air Filters, which are lightly oiled, could lead to a damaged mass air sensor. The fairy tale claims that oil will migrate from the filter over time and get onto the mass air sensor, damaging it. First off, it has to be remembered that the engine bay of your vehicle is not a pristine surgically clean environment. There is oil, debris, liquids and all kinds of gunk everywhere. You know your engine bay is not an appropriate place to eat your dinner off of. As such, your A8's mass air sensor is used to getting small amounts of all this gunk on it all the time. What little oil that might find it's way to your sensor will not be enough to damage it. To prove this, K&N has created their K&N Customer Protection Pledge. If your dealer ever claims that your A8's mass air flow sensor was damaged by a K&N air filter being used properly, they will personally take control of the matter and make sure that your dealer honors their warranty. Rest assured, that to date, there has never been an actual documented case of a K&N Air Filter leading to a damaged mass air sensor.

What comes with a Audi A8 K&N drop-in replacement air filter?

For most applications, K&N replacement filters come with everything you need for installation, which in most cases, is just going to be the pre-oiled filter itself. For most applications, you don't need to do anything else outside of taking the filter out of the packaging in order for it to be ready for use. In some cases, a stock filter box might have been designed with fitment issues, in which case, the K&N filter will come with a little tube of grease to apply to the sides of the filter for a better seal.

How often do you have to clean a K&N Air Filter? Is it possible to clean my A8 K&N Air Filter too much?

Your stock A8 filter probably is rated to last 10-15,000 miles before it needs replacement. A K&N Filter though, does not need to be cleaned for 50,0000 miles (though you have to specifically use a K&N Filter Recharger Service Kit). Also, there is no such thing as cleaning your K&N filter too much. K&N has performed tests where they consecutively cleaned filters over 100 times and they still performed just as well.

How long is the warranty on my Audi A8 K&N drop in air filter?

K&N backs your filter with their industry leading Million Mile Warranty. Basically, if you properly clean your K&N Filter with K&N Recharger Kits every 50,000 miles, K&N guarantees that their filter will last the life of your vehicle. If it does fail with proper use, then K&N will replace the filter free of charge.

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