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BMW M3 Front Grills, M3 Kidney Grills, Aftermarket Grilles, Replacement Grills

BMW M3 Front Kidney Grills, M3 Kidney Grills

BMW Kidney Grill Replacements are probably the most common and simple upgrade that BMW M3 owners perform. The reason is simple: your kidney grills are the centerpiece of your BMW’s front end appearance, and replacing them has a huge effect on the overall look of your M3.

While some BMW M3 owners buy new kidney grills to replace damaged ones, many people will buy replacement kidney grills just to refresh the look of their front ends.

Our line of BMW M3 Front Grills carry thru 2011, 2012, 2013 or 11, 12, 13 models.

11-13 M3 Front Grills

What are M3 Kidney Grills

BMW M3 Kidney grills are like traditional car grills, except that they are smaller and come in a mirrored pair. They have a thick outer shell, and thinner vertical fins on the inside of them. For many BMW’s, they mount on the hood, so they are sometimes called M3 hood grills, or M3 bonnet grilles.

What do M3 Kidney Grills do?

The main functional duty of kidney grills is to provide airflow to the hot engine bay. Stationed at the front of the vehicle, the kidney grills allow air to be rammed in, helping to cool down dangerously high engine temperatures. Additionally, the thinner vertical fins inside the grill keep out large debris which could wreak havoc on your radiator and engine.

From a design standpoint though, your BMW is the heart and soul or your car as a BMW. A single grill design could probably get the job of cooling your engine down better, but the dual grill design is what marks your M3 distinctively as a product of the Bavarian Motor Works.

History of M3 Kidney Grills

M3 replacement kidney grills trace their ancestry back to the 1930’s era BMW 303. Prior to the 1930’s, BMW front grills were flat and covered the radiator in the same manner as other vehicles of their time. With the 303, BMW created a split grill design, with two mirrored huge ovals in the front instead of the single piece grill. Since then, pretty much every BMW car has sported the design element in one form or the other.

Brands of M3 Kidney Grills

Because the replacement kidney grilles on a BMW M3 are such an integral part of a M3’s BMW-ness, it is hard for other companies to try to brand kidney grills as their own. While there might be some companies like AC Schnitzer and Hartge who will, on rare occasions, design their own bumpers and grills, there are few (if any) real companies out there that exclusively produce M3 replacement kidney grills. For the most part, replacement M3 kidney grills come from multiple generic factories that change over time.

Types of M3 Kidney Grills

There are a few types of replacement M3 kidney grills that are available on the market. While there might be custom one offs made with real gold or Swarovski crystals, 99% of replacement kidney grills are either going to be chrome, black, or carbon fiber.

Chrome Replacement Kidney Grills

Chrome M3 kidney Grilles are probably the most commonly purchased replacement kidney grills for the BMW M3. They are basically a stock replacement part and are installed when the original kidney grills become worn or damaged. Many BMW drivers will opt for these kind of grills whenthey only need to replace one side, since a full pair of replacement M3 chrome kidney grills is still cheaper than just one side of a OEM grill from the dealer.

Of all the kidney grills, chrome replacement kidney grills are the most conservative, and best for people not looking for too much attention. Some chrome M3 replacement grills might also have chrome fins when the original M3 fins had black/gray fins, but their style is very similar to stock. Material wise, they are usually chrome colored plastic, and not actually made of metal.

Chrome grills look good on most M3 colors, but they stand out the most on black vehicles. For the best effect, chrome grills matched with chrome headlights on a black M3 give the most luxurious look.

Black Replacement Kidney Grills

Black M3 Replacement Kidney Grilles are the grills that BMW owners looking for a sporty/racey look are most likely to buy. Also called blackout grilles or stealth grills, black kidney grilles have a black outer shell and black fins. The M3 blackout grilles can either be gloss black or flat black, depending on the application. Invariably, they are made from ABS or other similar plastics.

Black M3 replacement kidney grilles are the perfect complement to black projector headlights. The combination of black with black gives your BMW M3 a strikingly different, sleeker look for your front end.

Generally speaking, black BMW kidney grills look best on light colored BMW’s, especially white colored ones. They might not “pop” as much on dark blue or red colored vehicles. The only exception to this is if you were going with a full “blacked out” theme on a black vehicle, with black rims, black accessories, etc.

Carbon Fiber Replacement Kidney Grills

Carbon fiber M3 grills are fairly rare in comparison to the black and chrome variants. While there might be faux carbon fiber replacement grills out there (aka CF style), most carbon fiber replacement grills will actually be made of real carbon fiber laid on top of fiberglass.

Carbon fiber grills are a good complement to carbon fiber hoods, giving the style of real race vehicles. Due to their black/white/gray color, they look equally good on those colors of M3. Additionally, if you have a black & white style emblem on the front of your M3, then carbon fiber bonnet grills are also the best looking grills to get.

Real carbon fiber grills also tend to be the most expensive type of grill you can get, as they have to be handmade and cannot be mass produced.

Contents of a set of M3 Replacement BMW Kidney Grills

All the replacement kidney grills we sell COME IN THE FUL L PAIR and include both the driver side and passenger side grills, unless noted otherwise. Some replacement kidney grills have a 2 piece design with front and back pieces included. The kidney grills we sell will always include the front piece at least, and if a rear piece is not included, the stock one can be reused.

Also, there are types of replacement kidney grills that have an extra separate cover that runs vertically along the top portion of the grill. This upper cover usually installs onto the top of the hood. Generally speaking, this style is not an option if the original grills on your M3 were not of this style.

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