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Chevy S10 Front Grills, S10 Front Grills, Aftermarket Grilles, Replacement Grills

Chevy S10 Front Grills (whether they be replacements of overlays) are the most common exterior appearance upgrade that S10 owners will do. That’s because compared to other exterior appearance upgrades like body kits and spoilers, replacing a S10 ’s grille is usually quick, painless, and doesn’t require painting. Also, the simple upgrade usually leaves the vehicle with a completely different look.

Our line of Chevy S10 Front Grills carry thru 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 or 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04 models.

98-04 S10 Front Grills


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S10 Front Grills: What do they do?

The Front Hood Grill on your Chevy S10 is not just for looks. The grill allows for ventilation into the front part of your S10 to allow for better cooling for your radiator and engine bay. If your S10 had no grill, you would suffocate your engine bay and significantly raise the amount of heat in your engine’s environment, leading to decreased performance. The factory Chevy grille is there to let air in while keeping larger debris out to prevent damage to the relatively fragile radiator.

While most Aftermarket Chevy S10 Replacement Grills can increase performance a bit by allowing even more airflow, they are not generally considered a high performance upgrade. Basically it’s just a looks thing. Change the look of the grill and your entire front end is transformed into a different vehicle, setting it apart from the thousands of other S10 s out on the road.

Types of Chevy S10 Front Grilles

While there are plenty of companies out there that make grills for Chevy S10 s, they generally can fall within a few categories of fitment and look.

Replacement Type S10 Front Grills

Replacement S10 Grills are the most common type of grill and require you to completely remove the Chevy grille from your S10 . These types of grills can be the hardest type to install since they require undoing several tabs and/or screws, and then fitting the new grill in. They usually have the advantage of being more securely attached and having more of a stock flush look to them.

In some very rare occasions where the stock grill is physically a part of the rest of the bumper, you may have to make modifications by cutting out a proper install area. You could usually tell by looking at your stock grill whether cutting would be required or not (if the grill is not a separate independent piece, then you probably need to cut). While such grills exist, we try not to carry cutting type grills due to the amount of labor and permanent modification involved.

S10 Front Grill Overlay

For a small amount of vehicles, grill overlays are available. In this case, you would leave your stock S10 alone, and the grill overlay would fit over the existing grill. The grille overlay would then snap in or have hidden screws to attach somewhere around the edge of the stock grill. The overwhelming majority of overlay type grills are billet type.

Usually, installing a S10 Grille overlay is simple, but due to the nature of the grill, it may sit out further than your stock Chevy Grill, which may or may not look right depending on your tastes. Also, if it is a snap on type (which is also pretty rare), it might pop off in the event of a hard collision... which would probably be the least of your worries if your S10 hit something that hard.

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