Sparco® Seat Belt Shoulder Pad - 77 LINE (Red)

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If you have ever been involved in a vehicle collision, you may be familiar with the term "seat belt burn". While seat belts, both your stock seat belts and aftermarket racing harnesses, are great for keeping you safe and holding you down, they may do their job a little too well and eat into you during a collision or harsh driving. To solve this dilemma, Sparco offers their Sparco Seat Belt Harnesses.

Colloquially called shoulder pads since they are traditionally mounted to provide cushion for your shoulder area, Sparco Harness Pads greatly increase the comfort of wearing seat belts and serve as a great interior dress up item as well. Also, do to their universal design, you could use them on backpacks, duffle bags, and almost any other type of strap you can think of with the same width. Some people even mount them on their roll bars or bicycle frames just for decoration.

Great as a standalone accessory, Sparco Harness Pads also go perfectly with Sparco Seats and Seat Belt Harnesses.

  • Great for Sparco Seat Belt Harnesses or 2" OEM Seat Belts
  • Velcro clasp allows use for fitment on multiple types of straps and belts
  • Proudly branded with the Sparco logo