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HID Kits, Xenon HID Lights, Xenon Headlights, HID Fog Lights at

TunersDepot's HID Kit installations are probably the most common upgrades performed to increase the brightness of the stock headlight assemblies on your vehicle. Our HID kits use High Intensity Discharge technology (hence the term H.I.D.) that utilize special bulbs filled with Xenon gas. These Xenon charged HID light bulbs are then electrified by a self-regulating ballast that provides a constant current, resulting in a super bright light from your existing headlights and fog lights. Please note that each TD HID kit we offer is an HID CONVERSION Kit, and will not work if your factory headlights came equipped with factory HID lights.

You can choose your TD H.I.D. kit from one of our several color and wattage options. In addition to high wattage 50W kits for super high intensity light, we also offer the more common 35W Low Wattage HID lights, which are recommended for their longer life and trouble free usage. We also offer the following color options for your vehicle HID kit: 3000K for YELLOW HID color, 6000K for WHITE HID color, and 8000K for BLUE HID color ( K stands for Kelvins, the industry standard color measurement for HID light color output). Also, we have easy-to-install slim HID ballasts available for select Low Wattage 3000K and 6000K for your HID headlights & HID fog lights.



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TunersDepot HID Kit Contents:

  • 2 HID Conversion Light bulbs
  • 2 HID Ballasts
  • 2 HID Ballast Universal Mounting Brackets
  • Assorted Zip ties and various installation screws
  • Headlight installation Instructions (same general concept can be used for HID foglights)

TunersDepot HID Kit Frequently Asked Questions:

What color HID Kit should I get for my vehicle?

For HID headlights and HID foglights, a 6000K super white HID kit (low watt) is by far the most popular choice among car owners. 8000K Blue HID kits come in second place for HID headlights. Even though they are called "blue" 8000K HID lights actually are still white, with a bit of a blue tint to them. 3000K Yellow is the most effective choice for HID fog lights since yellow is scientifically proven to provide better visibility in rain, fog, or snow. 3000K Yellow (aka JDM Yellow) H.I.D. headlights are not legal for street use in certain communities.

I see separate listings for the high beam and low beam H.I.D. lights, but my factory headlights uses one bulb for both (9004, 9007, H4, etc.) . Which HID Conversion kit do I pick?

Unless otherwise listed, every set of HID conversion kit we offer is single filament, meaning if your vehicle has one single bulb for the high and low beams, you can only change one function to H.I.D. The other function would be eliminated, thus, we only recommend connecting the HID kit to your low beams in those situations.

I want/own aftermarket projector lights. Can I use TD HID headlight conversion kits with them?

Our TD HID lights actually work best with a projector lens to help disperse the light. HOWEVER, please be advised that aftermarket headlights and some fog lights. PROJECTOR LIGHTS USE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BULBS (usually H1, H3, etc). You would have to buy the HID conversion kit made for your Projector Headlight bulbs since the TD HID kits we list are for your vehicle's STOCK headlights. We recommend customers to get their projector headlights first to find out exactly which type of HID conversion kit they need.
Warning: YOU MUST USE LOW WATTAGE HID KITS WHEN INSTALLING INTO PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS. Projector headlights usually have a cramped space for the bulb, and a high wattage HID Lights put out too much heat for the projector lens to handle. This is also true for most Projector Fog lights.

Is this HID Conversion kit legal for street use on my factory's headlights or foglights assemblies?

Laws vary by jurisdiction, but so long as you have pointed the headlamps on your vehicle pointed downward so your new HID Lights aren't blinding other drivers (or police officers!) you will probably avoid trouble. Some areas such as certain Canada communities require that the High Beams on your vehicle match the Low Beams, so if your low beam is HID, then your High Beam must be HID as well. Please do not install a single filament H.I.D. headlight kit if your community has such a law and your stock bulbs use one dual filament for both high and low beam functions.

How do I aim my factory Headlamps to keep my HID lights from blinding other drivers?

Usually there are little gears with screws on the inside of your factory's headlamps. You can usually turn these by hand or with a screwdriver. Park facing a wall and adjust until the light is set to an appropriate level usually LOWER than your headlights (to ensure a downward angle)

I have the premium package/higher model for my car and my vehicle came with stock OEM HID Xenon lights already. Can I use your TunersDepot HID Conversion kit to replace my factory HID kit?

Sorry, but no. If your vehicle came pre-equipped with an H.I.D. kit, you will need to buy a different type of HID bulb (D2C, D2S, etc) and ballast, usually referred to as a "Stock Replacement HID Bulb / Ballast." Our kits are CONVERSION kits and are made to work with stock halogen bulb harnesses only. Though rare, if your vehicle came with stock HID fog lights, then the HID foglight kits we offer would also not work.

I don't want junk parts on my vehicle, what is the warranty on this HID conversion kit?

Every TD HID Headlight kit and TD HID Foglight kit we sell is valid for warranty replacement for 1 year from the original date of purchase so long as they are properly installed on your vehicle, unmodified, and used for normal daily driving.


TunersDepot HID Kits Reviews & Ratings (64)

Our 64 HID Kits Reviews have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Every customer can leave a review about our service and the product that was purchased. In order to leave your review for the purchased product, please log into MY ACCOUNT after you receive your order. We encourage all of our customers to take the time to share their experiences with our website with everyone.

TD® 6000K Xenon HID Kit (High Beam)
Posted on Dec 28, 2015 by - (1998 - 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser)
Always great parts and very fast service
TD® 6000K HID Hi Watt Kit (Low Beam)
Posted on Jan 20, 2015 by - (1998 - 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser)
Easy to install and of good quality! Would buy again.
TD® 6000K HID Hi Watt Kit (Low Beam)
Posted on Jul 25, 2014 by - (2002 - 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer)
They look and work gr8 and are ez to install. I would recommend these to anyone that is looking to install HID'S for their car.
TD® 6000K Xenon HID Kit (Low Beam)
Posted on Jul 3, 2014 by - (2008 Infiniti EX35)
Excellent headlights, terrific white light really illuminates signs and gives better peripheral lighting.
TD® 6000K Xenon HID Kit - H3 Universal
Posted on Jun 19, 2014 by
The headlight assembly hasn't even been put on the car yet but they look awesome and we can't wait to see them on the car.
TD® 6000K Xenon HID Kit (Low Beam)
Posted on Jul 25, 2013 by - (2009 - 2011 Ford Mustang)
I never thought I'll spend this much for a light. But after I put this Tunersdepot hid on my Mustang. It definitly worth of my money spend. Thank you!!
TD® 6000K Xenon HID Kit (Low Beam)
Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by - (2006 Honda Civic)
Good quality Tunersdepot HID kit, very stable, no flicking on my civic. I'm loving it!!
TD® 6000K HID Slim Ballast Kit (Low Beam)
Posted on Jun 13, 2013 by - (2006 - 2008 Lexus IS350)
The low beams flicker : x (

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