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Replacement Headlight Bulb Information

Replacement Headlight Bulb choices are plenty. Once you decide you're ready to install some aftermarket light bulbs, there are many options to consider in choosing the perfect replacement headlight bulb for your vehicle. Headlight Bulb replacements are available in a variety of brands, wattages, and colors, with each set of headlight bulbs being ideal for a particular purpose.

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Aftermarket Headlight Bulb Colors

Probably the biggest choice you will make when choosing headlight bulbs is what color to get, as light color will be the most visibly obvious effect on your vehicle.

The White Replacement Headlight Bulb: The Popular Choice

Sometimes incorrectly called blue headlight bulbs because of their blue tint, super white bulbs use the blue as a filter to produce a clean white light. They emulate white sunlight with color temperature of around 5,000K. Since they produce a clean color without any aggressive tint, they are a low key upgrade for a cleaner nighttime drive. They are by far the preferred choice for vehicle's low beam and high beam replacements. They are also the 2nd most popular fog light bulb color option.

Types: Nokya Arctic White, Nokya Cosmic White (Ion tint), PIAA Xtreme White, and PIAA Intense White

The Purple Replacement Headlight Bulb: Euro Styling Favorite

Purple is the color of choice for you going for the Euro style look. Emulating the purplish tint that is produced by German OEM Xenon HID Bulbs, they provide a stylish white with a strong hint of violet. They are the perfect complement to red hued neon accents (i.e., pink, red, purple).

Types: Nokya Arctic Purple, PIAA Super Plasma GT-X

The Yellow Replacement Headlight / Fog light Bulb: JDM Styling and Universal Safety

Yellow is the only color of aftermarket headlight / fog light bulb for your vehicle that can be considered a safety upgrade. Unlike other colors of light, yellow light actually works better in snow, fog, and rain since it does not create glare when reflected off of those surfaces. That's why yellow is the go-to choice for your car's fog light or high beam bulbs. They have a small similarity to your OEM headlight bulb color, so they can also be considered a low key upgrade for your vehicle's low beams as well.

Types: Nokya Arctic Yellow, PIAA Plasma Yellow (white / ion yellow)

Brand Comparison: PIAA vs. Nokya

There are many aftermarket headlight and fog light bulbs on the market, but PIAA and Nokya are hands down the best.

PIAA Replacement Headlight and Fog Light Bulbs

Street Legal
Superior Japanese Build Quality
Name Brand Recognition
High Price
Colors Not as Deep (since street legal)

Nokya Replacement Headlight and Fog Light Bulbs:

Highly Affordable
Deep Vibrant Colors Excellent reliability
Off-road use only for high beams and low beams (many areas don't care though)

Which Bulb does your vehicle's Headlight or Fog light use?

We try to keep our database as updated as possible, but we may not have the exact bulb application listed for your vehicle's headlight or fog light. In these cases, we recommend the following:

  • Check your vehicle owner's manual to see if it lists the replacement bulbs you should use for your headlights or fog lights (this may not work with aftermarket headlights or fog lights).
  • Using clean gloves and not touching the glass, uninstall a stock bulb and look for a part number (usually printed or inscribed on the base).
  • Check the front of your lamp to see if the part number is inscribed on the face of the lamp below where the bulb rests.
If all else fails please use our bulb identification chart and list of identifying features. Please note that while we try to list all types of bulbs, please use caution as there are other types available.

Also, you can identify the filament count by looking inside the glass. Each coil of springs is one filament. Dual filament have the high and low beams in a single bulb.

Replacement Headlight Bulb / Fog Light Bulb Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price listed for a single bulb or is it for the pair?

All the PIAA and Nokya bulbs we sell for your vehicke are sold by the pair. By paying the listed price, you get both bulbs. We do not have the bulbs packaged for individual sale.

How long will these PIAA / Nokya bulbs last in my vehicle?

Generally speaking, if the bulbs are installed properly without leaving any dirt or oil on the surface, you could expect them to last 1-2 years. If you have any blowouts within the first couple of months, please let us know and we will be happy to replace them for you.

Do you carry BLUE headlight or fog light bulbs for my vehicle?

There are only a few companies that produce truly BLUE light bulbs (not super white with a blue tint, but actually royal blue). We do not carry these types of bulbs as the coating is usually very dark resulting in a very dim beam, making them a safety hazard.

Which bulbs are better: Nokya, Sylvania, Luminics, etc. ?

Considering the price, Nokya bulbs are by far the best bargain we have available for your vehicle's fog lights or headlights. Sylvania are very pale color-wise (even worse than PIAA), Luminics have an overall higher defect ratio, and most other brands do not stack up to Nokya quality (let alone PIAA).

Will these bulbs burn the wire harnesses on my vehicle?

Your vehicle's stock wire harness is not designed to withstand continuous extended usage. For that reason, we offer Nokya Replacement Harnesses to ensure long term proper lighting on your car. They are also a far cheaper alternative to buying the factory harnesses which lack the heat capacity of the Nokya replacement harnesses.

Are these bulbs brighter than my vehicle's stock Headlight / Foglight bulbs?

No. Contrary to popular belief, aftermarket bulbs add color to your high beams / low beams / fog lights by adding a tint to the glass. This tint results in a nicer beam, but blocks out a small amount of light, resulting in a slightly dimmer beam than your stock clear Mustang bulb would have. The color comes at the price of a LITTLE bit of brightness, but most people do not notice the difference.

Why Should I Buy Aftermarket Bulbs for My vehicle's Headlights / Fog lights?

First off, the stock bulbs on your car are going to wear out eventually. Replacing your bulbs with aftermarket headlight bulbs (or fog light bulbs) and keeping your OEM headlight bulbs for spares can be a good way to make sure you are always driving safe and minimize your chances of getting a time wasting fix-it ticket. Also, changing your headlight bulbs can be an inexpensive, quick, and easy way to give your vehicle a nice personalized touch that unlike many upgrades, you can actually SEE while driving.


TunersDepot Headlight Bulbs Reviews & Ratings (89)

Our 89 Headlight Bulbs Reviews have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Every customer can leave a review about our service and the product that was purchased. In order to leave your review for the purchased product, please log into MY ACCOUNT after you receive your order. We encourage all of our customers to take the time to share their experiences with our website with everyone.

NOKYA® Arctic Yellow Headlight Bulbs (Low Beam)
Posted on Oct 27, 2016 by - (1994 - 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT)
Very happy good price fast delivery
PIAA® Super Plasma GT-X Headlight Bulbs (High Beam)
Posted on Jul 16, 2013 by - (2007 - 2008 Toyota Tundra)
Easy to find what I was looking for, fast shipping, fair prices. Got them in the mail today can't wait to install them.
PIAA® Xtreme White Plus Fog Light Bulbs
Posted on Jul 2, 2013 by - (2002 - 2004 BMW X5)
I am very pleased with this Bulbs, it has great quality and fitment. And the installation doesn't take a lot of time. Highly recommended for everyone.
PIAA® Xtreme White Plus Headlight Bulbs (High Beam)
Posted on Jun 13, 2013 by - (2006 - 2008 Lexus IS350)
The light output is not very strong and it is not white.
NOKYA® Arctic White Bulb - Universal H3C (80W)
Posted on May 29, 2013 by
After one return because of the manufacturer, I ended up getting what I wanted. It was sent quickly and arrived undamaged.
NOKYA® Arctic Yellow Headlight Bulbs
Posted on May 8, 2013 by - (1992 - 1993 Mercedes 190E)
A good product at a good price. Fast postage too... Cheers!
NOKYA® Arctic Yellow Fog Light Bulbs
Posted on Mar 23, 2013 by - (2002 - 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe)
This is the wrong part number listed on your website. My 2006 Santa Fe uses 880 bulbs (I found out only after I was ready to swap them out.) I tried, but the 881 just will not fit.
NOKYA® Arctic White Headlight Bulbs (Low Beam)
Posted on Feb 23, 2013 by - (2007 - 2008 GMC Sierra)
great sale, timely delivery

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